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2019 BGPS Community Report

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Supporting every student, every day The 2018-19 school year was filled with successes worth celebrating! Four of our schools were recognized with Achievement Awards f rom the State Superintendent's Office for either academic excellence, closing achievement gaps or academic growth in math and English. This is great news, and we will continue to focus on student engagement and academic performance in the classroom, while also working to strengthen the social and emotional supports provided to students to meet their needs and maximize their ability to learn effectively. Four years ago, the district was fortunate to secure a federal grant that enabled us to provide mental health professionals at all our schools, including district behavior coaches and prevention/intervention counselors at all of our middle and high schools. This year, we prioritized adding school counselors at our primary schools and student behavior deans at our two large high schools. These staff members are instrumental in building a safe and supportive environment for all BGPS students. While it's important to take time to recognize successes, we also know that we still have work to do in order to make sure all of our students feel safe, secure, and supported while at school. As a district, it is our mission to provide the supports that enable every student to achieve their academic and career goals, both now and in the future. If you have questions, comments or concerns, we hope that you continue to reach out to our district communications team, myself or board members. Together we can do great things for the students of Battle Ground Public Schools. Sincerely, Mark Ross, Superintendent Battle Ground Public Schools BOARD OF DIRECTORS Troy McCoy, President Monty Anderson, Vice President Rob Henrikson, Director Tina Lambert, Director Mark Watrin, Director Sidnie Boadwine, Student Representative Addelynn Smith, Student Representative Our Mission Empower all students to reach their highest potential through innovative, creative and supportive learning environments. Teacher Beth Doughty with Ellie Durgarian, Chief Umtuch 8th grader during 2018-19 "I AM SO FORTUNATE TO BE A STUDENT IN BATTLE GROUND. I HAVE BEEN MET WITH NOTHING SHORT OF QUALITY EDUCATION AND CARING EDUCATORS. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HOW FAR I WILL GET IN THIS WONDERFUL EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT." — Ellie Durgarian, Chief Umtuch student winner of state History Day SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE

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