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49 Battle Ground Public Schools High School Course Guide 2020-21 Honors English III Course Code: ENG047/ENG247 State Code: 01003 Schools: CAM Grades: 11th Length: Year-long Credit: 1 Course Fee: None Prerequisite: None Graduation Requirement: English Course Designation: Honors and CADR American Literature: Students study biographies, poet- ry, short stories, essays, plays, and novels, among other genres, all with an emphasis on American authors from the earliest days of settlement to the present. When possi- ble, the material being studied in HE III is aligned with the subjects being studied in AP US History. Students develop research and oral presentation skills as part of this class. English IV Course Code: ENG053/ENG253 State Code: 01004 Schools: RHL Only Grades: 12th Length: Year-long Credit: 1 This course is also offered online. Course Fee: None Prerequisite: None Graduation Requirement: English Course Designation: CADR In English IV, students will experience an innovative, stu- dent-driven learning experience where students get to design and customize their learning activities according to their own interests and choices. Students will design, de- velop, assess, evaluate, revise, publish, and reflect on their learning activities. These activities include Socratic Sem- inar, Presentation, Writing, Student-Designed Projects, and Independent Learning Projects. Students will also build focus, stamina, and lifelong reading habits through independent reading that will prepare them for college. Using technology, students will create and curate a digital portfolio of evidence and reflections that showcase how and why that student meets or exceeds 12th grades: ELA learning standards. Parents of enrolled students will partner with the course teacher at a monthly small-group parent-teacher collaboration meeting, in addition to the regular program consulting appointments. Students in English 4 will need to be enrolled in an English Lab block twice per week where they will collaborate with teachers and classmates of multiple grades. English and Communications Course Code: ENG058 State Code: 01155 Schools: PHS Grades: 11th-12th Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 Course Fee: None Prerequisite: None Graduation Requirement: English and Occupational Course Designation: CTE Dual Credit and CADR Students learn the communication skills to succeed in the world of work. Students will improve verbal, listening, reading, writing, spelling, and grammar skills. Students will learn to communicate effectively using business letters and memos, spreadsheets and graphs and to present in- formation effectively before an audience. The skills learned in this class useful in entry level business settings. Clark College Credit Available. AP English Language and Composition Course Code: ENG122/ENG222 State Code: 01005 Schools: BGHS, PHS Grades: 11-12th Length: Year-long Credit: 1 Course Fee: AP Exam Fee (Optional) Prerequisite: English I & II Graduation Requirement: English Course Designation: AP Course and CADR This class reflects the structure, content, and instruction of a college level English course. It is designed to prepare students for college study and for the AP English Lan- guage and Composition Test. The curriculum has been audited by and complies with the College Board's AP requirements. Students will read and analyze challenging, provocative, dense and sometimes controversial material with the goal of understanding and analyzing texts. The writing component includes composing many essays throughout the year. Students will learn to: apply specif- ic writing techniques in their own writing, read critically, think analytically, and communicate clearly; both in writ- ing and speech. This class compliments AP US History, and students are encouraged to take both classes simultaneously. High School Course Descriptions ENGLISH

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