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2017 Replacement Levy Facts

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WHAT DOES THE LEVY PROVIDE FOR STUDENTS? Much of what the levy pays for is people. People are key to providing a quality education and getting students the support they need in both academics and social-emotional learning. The levy helps keep class sizes small by providing an additional 260 teachers and school and district support staff above what the state funds. Teachers lead classes and programs and classified staff provide educational and administrative support in multiple areas, from health services and safety to office staff and maintenance. This chart shows several examples of positions that the levy funds. 64 TEACHING ASSISTANTS Staff support students in class, at recess, at lunch, before school and at release time. Levy Funds 64.88 State Funds 19.57 10 NURSES The state pays for less than two nurses for 18 schools. The levy provides an additional 10.23 nurses. Levy Funds 10.23 State Funds 1.77 92 CERTIFICATED STAFF Class size is important to BGPS, and these 92 staff mean that the district can maintain small class sizes. Levy Funds 92.5 State Funds 466.5 20 PSYCHOLOGISTS Students perform better academically when their social-emotional needs are met. Levy Funds 20.21 State Funds .29 7 SECURITY STAFF Students have said they feel safer knowing security personnel monitor their campus. Levy Funds 7.87 State Funds 2.13 LEVY DOLLARS ARE Levy dollars make up the difference between what the state provides for K-12 education and what it costs to operate schools while providing a quality learning environment. The district's current maintenance and operations levy expires December 31, 2017. This levy will replace it and keep the tax rate the same. 23% Levy Funds 68% State Funds 9% Federal & Local Non-tax Funds STAFF FUNDING

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