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2017 Replacement Levy Facts

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ARE THE DIFFERENCE MAINTAINS THE CURRENT TAX RATE Local funding provides the difference between what the state pays for and what it actually costs to operate schools. In Washington, 97 percent of the 295 school districts rely on levy money to provide important student programs and services. This Tax Rate Chart shows the maintenance and operations levy tax rate and levy dollars collected. Year Total levy amount Projected levy rate per $1,000 assessed value Estimated tax on property assessed at $250,000 2018 projected $31,680,000 $3.66 $915 2019 projected $33,260,000 $3.66 $915 2020 projected $34,930,000 $3.66 $915 2021 projected $36,670,000 $3.66 $915 More information, including an FAQ, is on the district website at WHERE ARE THE LEVY DOLLARS SPENT? Levy dollars are pooled with state funds to help pay for basic services that provide a quality education. The levy enables the district to keep class sizes small, maintain facilities, supply educational and technology resources to students, and provide for staff that enhance security, learning experiences and after-school activities. » Staff » Music and art » Drug prevention education » Transportation » Professional development » Educational technology » Safety equipment and security personnel » Automated calls, websites » Textbooks and curricula » After-school activities » Health services » Highly capable, ESL, AP programs » Education for students with special needs » Building maintenance » Utilities » Insurance $29.8 million Staff, educational programs, transportation $1.8 million Technology, security, communications $3.5 million Teaching & learning and student activities $1.5 million Maintenance, grounds, asset preservation

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