A few scenes from first day of 2013-14 school year

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A few scenes from first day of 2013-14 school year

September 9, 2013


These scenes at Laurin Middle School were typical of what was happening around the Battle Ground district on the first day of the 2013-14 academic year. Left: Office assistant Jeaneen Hall registers sixth grader Jayden Armstrong while his mother, Nikki, holds brother, Troy, 4. Right: New Laurin M.S. Assistant Principal Lori Schilling gets a student headed in the right direction. (For more photos -- from Laurin, Tukes Valley, BGHS and Chief Umtuch -- click "read more.")

Laurin Middle School dad Jim Gizzi directs students from buses to classrooms.


Laurin head secretary Sandy Coy explains the lay of the land while new Principal Nick Krause gets a student headed in the right direction.

Meanwhile, several miles east, Rylee Rehbein, grade 3, at left, and her best friend, Chase Robertson, grade 1, wait for bus to Tukes Valley Primary. At right, the girls come off the bus and head for their classooms.

Karin Loose, one of several PTA moms helping at Tukes Valley Primary on opening day, writes bus number on boy's hand while Angela Knight, new assistant principal, greets students.

Next door, in the new 10-classroom modular building at Tukes Valley Middle School, teacher Maria Antos collects her fifth graders' extra paper supplies so they won't have to lug it around in their backpacks.

And over at Battle Ground High School  . . . Left:  In his 13th year as BGHS principal, Tim Lexow helps students get squared away. Right: BGHS geometry teacher Frank Dean greets and briefs his students on the first day.

Left: Open-door policy -- BGHS teacher Brian Lent and his personal finance class. Right: At  nearby Chief Umtuch Middle School, new assistant principal Beth Swift, seated, confers with school counselor Krista Roadifer. Until this year, middle school counselors split their time between two campuses. Thanks to voters approving the levy last April, each middle school now has its own counselor.

A poignant scene unfolds at BGHS as Justin Carey arrives in wheel chair, escorted by friends and fellow ROTC students Ryan Bailey, black shirt, and Zecharia Maniar. Carey was critically injured and lost his right leg as a result of being hit by a car June 10 while waiting for a school bus. He was knocked into the brush and not discovered for 90 minutes.

Justin checks in with BGHS nurse Cathy Shannon before first period.

Columbian videographer Paul Suarez, standing, and Photo Editor Troy Wayrynen record Justin entering Stephan Henry's first-period English class.

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