Battle Ground Public Schools Recognizes 56th Student Art Show Winners

May 12, 2015 BGPS Web

Battle Ground Public Schools Recognizes District Art Show Winners

May 12, 2015

Battle Ground Public Schools recognized the winners of its 56th annual Student Art Show on Monday during a school board meeting held at Captain Strong Primary. Hundreds of pieces created by K-12th graders are on display through May 22 at the school. The public is invited to view the art free of charge from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days from May 4 to 22 at the school, 1002 NW 6th Ave., Battle Ground.

Awards were given to:

Best of Show
Nadesda Gushtyuk, 12th grade, Prairie (pictured)
Blake Davison, 8th grade, Pleasant Valley
Amelia Nelson, 3rd grade, Ca
ptain Strong

Grand Prize Winner
Mackenzie Alamillo, 12th grade, Battle Ground

Superintendent's Award
Kristen Bivens, 9th grade, River HomeLink (pictured)

12th Grade
1st Place - Nadezda Gushtuuk, Prairie
2nd Place - Melanie Scialabba, Prairie
3rd Place - John Pajari, Summit View

11th Grade
1st Place - Mcleah Mcmurray, Prairie
2nd Place - Svetlana Nochvay, River HomeLink
3rd Place - Maya Martin, CAM
4th Place - Kyle Lind, Battle Ground

10th Grade
1st Place - Lizzye Ribalka, River HomeLink
2nd Place - Autumn Vresson, River HomeLink
3rd Place - Lizzye Ribalka, River HomeLink

Ninth Grade
1st Place - Payton Tegarden, River HomeLink
2nd Place - Elise Oldham, River HomeLink
3rd Place - Alina Kokhanevich, River HomeLink
4th Place - Venjamin Protensko, Summit View

Eighth Grade
1st Place - Trevor Heasley, Laurin; and Blake Davison, Pleasant Valley 
2nd Place - Heather Lee, Maple Grove; and Leah Sprienger, Pleasant Valley 
3rd Place - Jaquelin Pineda, Laurin; Gabrielle Elliot, River HomeLink; and Hayden Williamson, Daybreak
4th Place - Hayden Williamson, Daybreak; and Blake Davison, Pleasant Valley
Honorable Mention - Logan Korpella, Tukes Valley; Shezhana Zalyashko, Daybreak; Eino Wirtanen, Chief Umtuch; and Statue of Liberty Mural Group Work - David Neal, Elissa Leroy, Carolyn Kissel and Will Sanborn, Pleasant Valley

Seventh Grade
1st Place - Julia Zimin, Laurin; and Sadie Mclung, Amboy
2nd Place - Kylee Booker, Daybreak
3rd Place - Maria Zherebrenko, River HomeLink 
4th Place - Kylee Booker, Daybreak 
Honorable Mention - Ben Dial, Tukes Valley; and Rubio Llanos, Pleasant Valley

Sixth Grade
1st Place - Kristina Deryako, River HomeLink rhl
2nd Place - Ciara Hatman, Amboy; and Josh Smere, Maple Grove
3rd Place - Morgan Payne, CAM
4th Place - Brandon Tran, Laurin 
Honorable Mention - Nicholas Newberg, Laurin; Jenny Drygas, River HomeLink; and Kaiahna Geise, River HomeLink

Fifth Grade
1st Place - Ellen Heidegger, Amboy
2nd Place - Courtney Hoffman, Amboy
3rd Place - Averie Owsley, River HomeLink
4th Place - Luke Benson, River HomeLink
Honorable Mention -  Jessica Tysmbal, Pleasant Valley; and Anika Karpela, Tukes Valley

Fourth Grade
1st Place - Karina Dipon, Daybreak; Annie Tretyak, Daybreak; and Laela Richards, River HomeLink
2nd Place - Michael Statovay, River HomeLink
3rd Place - Rachel Prather, River HomeLink
4th Place - Liuba Girgoreva, Glenwood
Honorable Mention - Amber Smith, Daybreak; and Anna Cox, River HomeLink

Third Grade
1st Place - Amelia Nelson, Captain Strong
2nd Place - Madison Carpenter, Captain Strong
3rd Place - Alex Korsun, Captain Strong; and Amelia Nelson, Captain Strong
4th Place - Kayla Lynch, Tukes Valley; and Kierra Bellikku, Tukes Valley
Honorable Mention - Madison Carpenter, Captain Strong; Spencer Hays, River HomeLink; and Dominick Blakeman, Yacolt

Second Grade
1st Place - Zachary Koeing, Daybreak; and Tyler Kangas, Maple Grove
2nd Place - Breanna Merryweather, Daybreak
3rd Place - Ryann Spies, Captain Strong
Honorable Mention - Tiana Reed, Glenwood; and Kira Wilson, Pleasant Valley

First Grade
1st Place - Chasye Kopsho, Maple Grove (pictured)
2nd Place - Shasa Vavilin, River HomeLink
3rd Place - Annaliese Nelson, Tukes Valley
4th Place - Natalie Baker, Captain Strong
Honorable Mention - Rachel Huston, River HomeLink; Jake Lines, Captain Strong; Renee Hoiland, Tukes Valley; Svetlana Kabanova, Maple Grove; Jazlynn Sumalnap, Glenwood; and Chayse Kopsho, Maple Grove

1st Place - Abigail Storm, 12th grade, River HomeLink
2nd Place - Gillian Kandoll, 10th grade, River HomeLink
3rd Place - Tailor Obrist, 6th grade, River HomeLink
4th Place - Ryley Engstrom, 4th grade, River HomeLink
Honorable Mention - Maress Stewart, 4th grade, Yacolt

1st Place - Teva Egar, 11th grade, Battle Ground; and Danielle Kolomiyets, 12th grade, Summit View
2nd Place - Makenna Davis, 10th grade, Battle Ground (pictured); and Jarod Kerr, 9th grade, River HomeLink
3rd Place - Rand Schlect, 9th grade, Battle Ground; and Kiersten Wantaja, 11th grade, Battle Ground
4th Place - Leah Johnson, 12th grade, Summit View; and Pedro Mendoza, 9th grade, Summit View
Honorable Mention - Kyra Bellika, 11th grade, Battle Ground; Josh Turvey, 12th grade, Summit View; Jacob Abrahamson, 9th grade, River HomeLink; and Brianna Bolsoy, 11th grade, Battle Ground

3D and Sculpture
1st Place - Sophie Belvin, 8th grade, Maple Grove
2nd Place - Madison Graham, 8th grade, Maple Grove
3rd Place - Zach Hauser, 5th grade, Daybreak
4th Place - Klarissa Armstrong, 7th grade, Chief

1st Place - Makenzie Alamillo, 12th grade, Battle Ground
2nd Place - Rocio Arellano, 12th grade, Battle Ground
3rd Place - Kelsey Erickson, Battle Ground
4th Place - Jeni Nylund, 11th grade, Prairie
Honorable Mention - Kyle Ogleznev, 5th grade, Daybreak; and Grace Merriaman, 8th grade, Amboy

The Battle Ground Art Alliance also presented awards:

Best of Show
Christina Prutsenko, 9th grade, River HomeLink

High School
1st Place - Christina Prutsenko, 9th grade, River Home Link
2nd Place - Leah Zelyak, 9th grade, CAM
3rd Place - Maya Martin, 11th grade, CAM
Honorable Mention – Racyn Morin, 12th grade, Prairie; and Eion Stuart, 10th grade, River Home Link

Middle School
1st Place - Madison Lehner, 6th grade, Maple Grove
2nd Place - Seanna Lynch, 8th grade, Day Break Middle
3rd Place - Gina Muonio, 5th grade, Chief Middle
Honorable Mention - Grace Ritola, 8th grade, Chief Middle; Ryan Walker, 5th grade, Day Break Middle; and Austin Mahoney, 7th grade, Pleasant Valley

1st Place - Griffin Dykstra, 3rd grade, River Home Link
2nd Place - Josh Zimmerman, 4th grade, Glenwood
3rd Place - Anastasia Gurnik, 2nd grade, DBP
Honorable Mention - Peyton Pepper, 3rd grade, Captain Strong; and Athena Peterson, 1st grade, Tukes Valley

Preschool and Kindergarten
Honorable Mention – Colton O’Neill, Kindergarten, Captain Strong

Photography/Digital Computer
1st Place - Arika Becker, 9th grade, Battle Ground
2nd Place - Lindsay Roszko, 11th grade, River Home Link
3rd Place - Cody Hughes, 9th grade, Battle Ground
Honorable Mention - Ella Zherebnenko, 9th grade, River Home Link

1st Place – Aubrey Wall, 12th grade, Battle Ground
2nd Place – Bracken Olson, 5th grade, Maple Grove
3rd Place - Diana Lepekha, 7th grade, Amboy
Honorable Mention – Lillian Cranford, 8th grade, Tukes Valley

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