Results from the 2017 District Art Show

May 8, 2017 Joe Vajgrt

Results from the 2017 District Art Show 

May 8, 2017

Battle Ground Public Schools recognized the winners of its 58th annual District Art Show on Monday during a school board meeting held at Captain Strong Primary. The Bob Peck Award honors the late Bob Peck, a former Battle Ground High School teacher and the founder of the District Art Show. The award was established after Peck passed away last year. Peck taught art at the high school for more than 37 years, and the school's art gallery is named for him.

More than 800 pieces of art created by K-12th graders are on display through May 26 at Captain Strong Primary School, 1002 NW 6th Ave., Battle Ground. The public is invited to view the art free of charge from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days through May  26 at the school. 

Awards were given to: 

Bob Peck Award (pictured)
Michael Worley, 10th grade, BGHS

Superintendent's Award
Julia Shabura, 12th grade, SVHS

Best of Show
Stephanie Sells, 12th grade, PHS
Jasmine Conjugacion, 6th grade, River HomeLink
Jacob Luden, 4th grade, River HomeLink

12th Grade
1st Place: Hannah Shepski, PHS (pictured)
2nd Place: Yashi Shiiba, PHS
3rd Place: Stephanie Sells, PHS; Isaac Davisson, BGHS
Honorable Mention: Veniamin Primachenko, CAM

11th Grade
1st Place: Elizabeth Gushtyuk, PHS 
2nd Place: Karina Linchuk, SVHS
3rd Place: Suzanna Gasporyan, River HomeLink
4th Place: Brent Chamberlain, BGHS

10th Grade
1st Place: Elena Lobanova, CAM
2nd Place: Michael Worley, BGHS
3rd Place: Kaylene Yandell, River HomeLink
4th Place: Larissa Lepro, River HomeLink

Ninth Grade
1st Place: Emma Yochim, CAM
2nd Place: Ruby Walker, River HomeLink
3rd Place: Joseph Zabolotskiy, River HomeLink; Paige Williams, BGHS

Eighth Grade
1st Place: Roman Fabyanchuk, DMB; and Alison Ek, AMS (pictured)
2nd Place: Charlotte Hobson, DBM; Tirna Smith, RHL; Ashley Rodriguez, PVM; and Kristina Deryavko RHL
3rd Place: Beth Joupe, TVM; Stella Forfar, AMS; and Kayla Mcpartland, LMS
4th Place: Anja Haas, RHL; Ally Halberg, LMS; Ashlyn Meza RHL; Ashley Rodrigue, PVM; and Laura Smith, DBM
Honorable Mention: Cynthia Mcnamara, TVM; Brooke Kysan, River HomeLink; Ellie Gagnon, AMS; Madison Lehner, Maple Grove; Drew Rachor, River HomeLink; Rayna Kaski, AMS; Rylee Fehr, River HomeLink; Bridget White, LMS; Alyssa Phimmasone, Maple Grove; and the mural group painting by PVM students.


Seventh Grade
1st Place: Lora Suirzhevskiy, RHL (pictured); and Molly Jordan, MG
2nd Place: Ethan Julsan, AMS; Julianna Hernandez, MG; Mark Dubinskiy, PVM; and Ethan Bright, AMS
3rd Place: Thomas Evans, TVM; Tara Lapro, RHL; and Brianna Morrell, DBM
4th Place: Aleksys Matheis, TVM; Leam Rich, AMS; and Iris Rotschy, AMS
Honorable Mention: Joel Justin, AMS; Zoee Lodge, LMS; Brianna Morrell, DBM; Makayla Dumont, DBM; Lane Peldo, AMS; Andrea Hidalgo, PVM; Ellie Ritter, TVM; Marlee Hanson, AMS; Julia Pinchuk, RHL; and Zoee Lodge, LSM.

Sixth Grade
1st Place: Jasmine Conjugacion, RHL; and Aleta King, MG
2nd Place: Karina Kachur, DBM; Desitny Bates, RHL; and Ryley Engstrom, RHL
3rd Place: Earl Halberg, TVM; and Liubov Grigoreva, LMS
4th Place: Kameron Spencer, DBM; Amber Huynh, PVM; and Sydney Whisenhunt, LMS
Honorable Mention: Karina Kuchur, DBM; Hermione Bauer, MG; Bella Nayden, RHL; Kaelyn Kuppens, RHL; Trevin Long, RHL; Kaitlyn Warters, PVM; Laela Richards, DBM; and Liubov Gigroreva, LMS

Fifth Grade
1st Place:  Jaura Kangas, DBM
2nd Place: Caleb Erickson, AMS; Alexandria Fredrickson, DBM; and Sarrah Makunin, LMS
3rd Place: Emma Breitels, PVM and Victoria Cheban, LMS
4th Place: Sally Sarkkinen, AMS; Grayson Allen, DBM; Claire Smith, LMS
Honorable Mention: Josef Vacek, RHL, Sophie Uribe, PVM; Gracie Strawn, RHL; Tahlinna Kerr, RHL; Gavin Dempsey, AMS; Adison Dunn, TVM; Molly McNew, PVM.

Fourth Grade
First Place: Abigail Dubinsky, PVP (pictured)Austin Malwitz, GHP; and Danica HoltPVP
Second Place: Vinel Nesukh, GHP
Third Place: Luke Jordan, MG
Honorable Mention: Keilana Hankel, CAM; Elyse Johnson, CSP; Kylar Butler, RHL; Kaden Lafuen, GHP; Isabella Brenes, CSP; and Kaisa Tikka, GHP

Third Grade
First Place: Sierra Sanders, RHL/TVP
Second Place: Aaron Tapio, RHL
Third Place: Hudson Young, CSP
Honorable Mention: Casen Lawson, RHL; Ella Hamblin, GHP; Landon Bolsoy, CSP; Breydon Cluer, GHP; Casen Lawson, RHL; and Nathan Markanen, GHP

Second Grade
First Place: Lilya Vermilyea, DBP; and Cheyene Coss, RHL
Second Place: Evan Stafford, CSP
Third Place (group award): Kailer Lau, Abby Stella, Alejandro Alba-Sandival, Tatum Benet, and Talon GangwishGHP
Honorable Mention: Brooklyn WintonRHL; Dylan Bloomer, PVP; Cruz Mahoney, DBP; Lucas Robertson-Gillman, DBP; Savanah Wahlberg, RHL; and Rubyee Macpherson, MG

First Grade
First Place: Bailey May, TVP; and Thomas Torgerson, GHP
Second Place: Jaxson Bryan, CSP
Third Place: Renn McClellan, CSP
Honorable Mention: Wesley Sanders, TVP; Kaylah Cressy, PVP; Julia Vyshnyak, GHP; Brandon Kemafa, MG; Stella Vacek, RHL; and Hannah Millner, TVP

Photography: All grade Levels
1st Place: Natalie Heidegger, 12th grade, BGHS (pictured) and Devyn Witt, 12th grade, BGHS
2nd Place: Genevieve Homola, 10th grade, BGHS and Brooke Bolsoy, 9th grade, BGHS
3rd Place: Joseph Sokolov, 10th grade, CAM; Mark Izota, 9th grade, RHL; Elisey Yushin, 9th grade, CAM; and Heidi Tormanen , 9th grade, BGHS
4th Place: Ella Grote, 8th grade, Maple Grove; and Ben Shannon, 12th grade, BGHS
Honorable Mention:  Andrey Nochvay, 12th grade, River HomeLink

Computer/Digital Art: All Grade Levels
1st Place: Gabrielle Elliot, 9th grade, RHL
2nd Place: Micah Reimch-Vu, 11th grade, RHL and Sophia Conjugacion, 3rd grade, RHL
3rd Place: Emma Peterson, 9th grade, RHL
4th Place: Jasmine Conjugacion, 6th grade at RHL
Honorable Mention: Samuel Horst, 6th grade at RHL and Cassondra Gable, 7th grade, AMS

3-D Sculpture: High School
First Place: Stephanie Sells, 12th grade, PHS (pictured)Olesya Samoylenko, 12th grade, BGHS; and Celia Mcdaniels,10th grade, BGHS
Second Place: Isaac Davisson, 12th grade, BGHS; and Kylie Smithline, 11th grade, BGHS
Third Place: Rebecca Davenport, 12th grade, PHS and Aeryal Crayne, 11th grade, PHS
Fourth Place: Mckenna Talbert12th grade, BGHS
Honorable Mention: Tayor Triggs, 11th grade, BGHS and Ben Nikolaychuk 12th grade, PHS

3-D Sculpture: Primary School
First Place: Jacob Luden, 4th grade, RHL; and Kendal Lopchenske, 2nd grade, CSP
Second Place: Louie Juntunen, 4th grade, TVP
Third Place: Lewis Homola, 4th grade, TVP; and Mallory Erickson, 3rd grade, CSP
Fourth Place: Remy Kaarto, 2nd grade, TVP
Honorable Mention: Sierra Sanders, 3rd grade, RHL/TVP; and Piper Pigeon, 3rd grade, CSP

The Battle Ground Art Alliance also presented awards:

Best of Show (pictured)
Elizabeth Gushtyuk,11th grade, PHS

High School
1st Place: Stephanie Sells, 12th grade, PHS
2nd Place: Iris Gutierrez, 12th grade, BGHS
3rd Place: Maya Wood, 9th grade, River HomeLink
Honorable Mention: Paris Pietz, 10th grade, RHL; and Steven Flynn, 12th grade, PHS

Middle School
1st Place: Violet Peychev, 7th Grade, River HomeLink
2nd Place: Laela Richards, 6th grade, DBM
3rd Place: Sydney Whisenhunt, 6th grade, LMS
Honorable Mention: Alison Marlin, 8th grade, DBM; Shawn Smith, 8th grade, AMS; and Victoria Martin Del Campo, 5th grade, PVMS

Primary School
1st Place: Malia Leavitt, 1st grade, Maple Grove
2nd Place: Miley Minor, 4th grade, CAM
3rd Place: James Nguyen, 3rd grade, PVP
Honorable Mention: Dwight Dallum, 2nd grade, CSP; Charlie Whittingham, Kindergarten, CSP; Tahcoa Worthington, 2nd grade, PVP; and Ryland Green, Kindergarten, RHL

1st Place:  Sophia Bloomquist, 11th grade, BGHS (pictured)
2nd Place:  Joseph Sokolov, 10th grade, CAM
3rd Place:  Ella Grote, 8th Grade, Maple Grove
Honorable Mention:  Mark Svirzhevsky, 10th grade, RHL; Andry Nochvay, 12th grade, RHL; and Chartey Humola, 7th grade, AMS

3-D (grades K-12)
1st Place:  Mckenna Talbert, 12th grade, BGHS
2nd Place:  Loren Hersey, 10th grade, BGHS
3rd Place:  Liv Peterson, 7th grade, PVM
Honorable Mention:  Vans Custom Culture Team Members, RHL; Giselle Quezada, 2nd grade, TVP; John LaCasse, 12th grade, BGHS; and Samuel Weston, 8th grade, RHL

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