Results from the 2018 District Art Show

May 17, 2018 Joe Vajgrt

results from the 2018 district art show

May 17, 2018

Battle Ground Public Schools recognized the winners of its 59th annual District Art Show on Monday during a school board meeting held at Captain Strong Primary. The Bob Peck Award honors the late Bob Peck, a former Battle Ground High School teacher and the founder of the District Art Show. The award was established after Peck passed away last year. Peck taught art at the high school for more than 37 years, and the school's art gallery is named for him.

More than 800 pieces of art created by K-12th graders are on display through May 25 at Captain Strong Primary School, 1002 NW 6th Ave., Battle Ground. The public is invited to view the art free of charge from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days through May 25 at the school. 

Awards were given to:

Bob Peck Award (pictured, left)

Gordon Stenersen - 11th Grade RHL

Superintendent's Award 

Kaylene Yandell - 11th Grade RHL

Best of Show

Elizabeth Gushtyuk - 12th Grade PHS
Anna Cox - 7th Grade RHL
Mia Tatkovski - 4th Grade CSP (pictured, right)

12th Grade
1st Place: Karina Linchuk - SVHS 
2nd Place: Elizabeth Gushtyuk - PHS
3rd Place: Jonah Medina - BGHS

11th Grade 
1st Place: Kaylene Yandell - RHL (pictured, right)
2nd Place: Mireya Estrada-Conchas - BGHS

10th Grade
1st Place: Kylee Booker - BGHS
2nd Place: Joel LaCasse - BGHS

9th Grade
1st Place: Rebekah Alvarez - RHL
2nd Place: Andrew Zherebnenko - RHL

8th Grade
1st Place: Alexis Mathesis - TVM (pictured, left)
2nd Place: Fennel Johnson - CMS
3rd Place: Lucas Lyle - LM
4th Place: Leah M. - AM
Honorable Mention: Cameron Howard - DBM
Honorable Mention: Elsa Steigman - LM

7th Grade
1st Place: Laela Richards - DBM
2nd Place: Neli Nartea - LM
3rd Place: Amee Indino - PVM

4th Place: Heidi Pratt - CMS
Honorable Mention: Zoey Turner - MG
Honorable Mention: Sarah Williams - MG

6th Grade
1st Place: Sofia Lobanova - RHL (pictured, right)
2nd Place: Emily Ackerman - RHL
3rd Place: Ariana G. - AM
4th Place: Kristina Kaygorodova - LM
Honorable Mention: Natalie Coughran - LM
Honorable Mention: Aiden Belding - RHL

5th Grade
1st Place: Alvina Kutsar - PVM
2nd Place: Malachi Cossette - RHL
3rd Place: Irene Ho - PVM
4th Place: Dyllan Doph - DBM
Honorable Mention: Bella Stokes - LM
Honorable Mention: Diana Reslaya - DBM

4th Grade
1st Place: Chloe Hudson - CSP
2nd Place: Emma Hagedorn - RHL
3rd Place: Adam M., Gavin Q., Audrey J., Jenning S., Ruby H. - TVP
4th Place: Halle Olin - YP
Honorable Mention: Sydney Ebert - MG
Honorable Mention: Nicole Williams - GHP

3rd Grade

1st Place: Kenna Jenkins - GHP (pictured, left)
2nd Place: Jack Fassett - YP
3rd Place: Nathaniel Jarrett - PVP
4th Place: Judah Zable - RHL
Honorable Mention: Alexander Stanek - GHP
Honorable Mention: Carol Tanninen - YP

2nd Grade
1st Place: Lou Kissinger - RHL
2nd Place: Malia Leavitt - MG
3rd Place: Kylie Listek - YP
4th Place: Gigi Riesterer - GHP
Honorable Mention: Emersyn Wishard - PVP
Honorable Mention: Esther Kirillov - MG

1st Grade
1st Place: Emily Miller - PVP
2nd Place: Shaniya Coponen - YP
3rd Place: Avery Popkes-Perez - MG
4th Place: Viktor Nedilenko - PVP
Honorable Mention: Kylie Grier - GHP
Honorable Mention: Anais Martinez-Avilez - MG

Photography: All grade levels

1st Place: Andrey G. Germanov - 11th Grade  RHL  (pictured, right)
2nd Place: Carson Oltmann - 11th Grade BGHS
3rd Place: Sidney Phoumyvong - 11th Grade - BGHS
4th Place: Elena Kent - 11th Grade BGHS
Honorable Mention: Alyssa M. Zoller - 9th Grade RHL
Honorable Mention:  Dennis N. Polyashov - 9th Grade RHL
Honorable Mention:  Isabelle A. Pietz - 9th Grade RHL

Computer/Digital Art: High School
1st Place: Nate Wright - 8th Grade MG
2nd Place: Molly Jordan - 8th Grade MG
3rd Place: Madison Stevens - 7th Grade TVM

Computer/Digital Art: Middle School
1st Place: Gabrielle Elliott - 11th Grade RHL
2nd Place: Kylee Booker - 10th Grade BGHS
3rd Place: Justin Jondahl - 12th Grade BGHS

3D Sculpture: All grade levels
1st Place: Chalize Matson - 12th Grade BGHS
2nd Place: Kylie Smithline - 12th Grade BGHS
3rd Place: Katt Gamblin - 10th Grade BGHS
4th Place: Pravina Blunk - 8th Grade PVM
Honorable Mention: Damien Amezcua-Ruiz - 7th Grade TVM

The Battle Ground Art Alliance also presented awards:

Best of Show (pictured at right)
Elizabeth Gushtyuk - 12th Grade PHS

High School
1st Place: Kaylene Yandell - 11th Grade RHL
2nd Place: Andrew Zherebnenko - 9th Grade RHL
3rd Place: Lazarus Mann - 10th Grade RHL
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Gushtyuk - 12th Grade PHS
Honorable Mention: Joel LaCasse - 10th Grade BGHS
Honorable Mention: Cole Withington - 11th Grade BGHS

Middle School
1st Place: Anna Cox - 7th Grade RHL
2nd Place: Laela Rhichards - 7th Grade DBM
3rd Place: Mary Hervi - 8th Grade CMS
Honorable Mention: Irene Ho - 5th Grade PVM
Honorable Mention: Sofia Lobanova - 6th Grade RHL
Honorable Mention: Andrea Pratt - 7th Grade CMS
Honorable Mention: Gina Muonio - 8th Grade CMS

Primary School
1st Place: Kylie Listek - 2nd Grade YP (pictured, left)
2nd Place: Evan Micu - 4th Grade GHP
3rd Place: Avery Popkes-Perez - 1st Grade MG
Honorable Mention: Martin Sarkkinen - 1st Grade MG
Honorable Mention: Lou Kissinger - 2nd Grade RHL
Honorable Mention: Max Yavniy - 3rd Grade GHP
Honorable Mention: Kenna Jenkins - 3rd Grade GHP
Honorable Mention: Ezekiel Aho - 4th Grade PVP
Honorable Mention: Anjelika Zakharov - 4th Grade GHP

1st Place: Andrey G. Germanov - 11th Grade RHL
2nd Place: Olivia Lawson - 11th Grade RHL
3rd Place: Maria Zherebnenko - 10th Grade RHL
Honorable Mention: Hannah Reuther - 11th Grade RHL
Honorable Mention: Madison Stevens - 7th Grade TVM
Honorable Mention: Samantha Phan - 10th Grade RHL

Sculpture/3D (grades K-12)

1st Place: Klaire Thomas - 12th Grade PHS (pictured, right)
2nd Place: Brianna Morrell - 8th Grade DBM
3rd Place: Garrett Johnson - 12th Grade BGHS
Honorable Mention: Hayden Zigler - 8th Grade TVM

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