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Learn more! Visit the Battle Ground Public Schools website at to learn more. K-4 Report Card Parent Guide Battle Ground P U B L I C S C H O O L S e purpose of the report card is to communicate information about student learning to parents and students. It includes information regarding progress in meeting learning standards, as well as other important indicators of student success. It can also guide improvement efforts where needed. Better Learning ■ Because it is aligned with Washington State learning standards, and assessment requirements, the report card is on the cutting edge of what is important for students to learn and helps ensure that all students graduate from high school with the knowledge they need to be ready for a career or college path. » Standards for math and English language arts » Science Standards » Standards for social studies, visual arts, music, health and fitness Clear and Consistent ■ Simple for parents to read and consistent across the district Accurate Reporting ■ e K-4 report card separates grades on academic subjects from grades on student behavior, allowing teachers to more accurately report student learning. ere are two kinds of grades: one based on student understanding of academic subjects, and the other based on student demonstration of successful learning habits. Informed Decisions ■ e report card is split into two semesters. At the end of each semester, your child is graded based on his or her understanding of the state learning standards covered to that point in the year. is, combined with teacher-parent communication, will let you make decisions about where improvement efforts are needed. Glossary of Terms Academic Subjects: e subjects that students learn at each grade level, which could include English language arts, math, science, social studies, health and fitness, visual arts, and music. ey are graded on a 4-point scale. Habits for Successful Learners: A set of behaviors that impact a student's ability to learn. ey are graded on a scale that includes typically demonstrated, sometimes demonstrated, and rarely demonstrated. Fountas & Pinnell assessment (grades K-4): is one-on-one assessment helps teachers identify a student's specific reading level needs and document his or her progress. i-Ready (grades 1-4): e i-Ready® Diagnostic tests help pinpoint students needs and track their growth by changing difficulty based on the student's response to questions. e assessment helps teachers adapt their instruction by providing student-specific information in both reading and math. Why standards based report cards? Frequently asked questions What is a standards-based report card? A standards-based report card lists the knowledge and skills that students are responsible for learning in each academic subject at a particular grade level. Students receive numerical grades based on the academic key and that show how well they understand each standard. e learning standards are a description of what students are exptected to know at a specific stage in their education. Can a grade drop from semester to end of year? It is possible that your child's first-semester grade could go down at the end of the year. Let's compare it to a 1-mile fitness run with an expectation of completing the run in 10 minutes. A student could run the first half in under five minutes, but then slow down in the second half of the run and not meet the 10-minute expectation.

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